Guide to the Collection of Sarah Huff Fisk

Examples: Examples of Sarah Huff Fisk Collection Materials
Part 1: Interesting Tidbits
Part 2: Early Christmas
Part 3: Library HR Archives & the Otey Diary

Box 1: Research Notes in 3-Ring Binders, 1800s; IOUs & Receipts
book : Book 1
book : Book 2
book : Book 3
book : Book 4
book : Book 5

Box 2: Box of Index Cards, Small 3-Ring Binder of Huntsville Lot History/Deed References; Printed Materials & Folders; Steno Pads of Notes
Part 1: Large Loose Index Cards
Part 2: Three-Ring Binders
Part 2a: Original Huntsville Lot and Deed Book References
Part 2b: Town Borders and County Notes
Part 2c: County Fair Entries by Person
Part 2d: Miscellaneous Notes
Part 3: Loose Sheets
Part 3a: Loose Sheets A
Part 3b: Loose Sheets B; Culture Club
Part 4: Envelopes with Index Cards Inside
Part 5: Manila Folders
Part 6: Steno Books With Notes - Many In Shorthand
book : Steno Book 1
book : Steno Book 1a
book : Steno Book 2
book : Steno Book 3
book : Steno Book 4
book : Steno Book 5
book : Steno Book 6
book : Steno Book 7
book : Steno Book X
book : Steno Book Z
Part 6a: Steno Book Transcriptions
Part 7: Small Box of Index Cards
Folder 1: Folder 1
Folder 2: Folder 2
Folder 3: Folder 3
Folder 4: Folder 4
Folder 5: Folder 5
Folder 6: Folder 6
Folder 7: Folder 7

Box 3: Research Notes On a Variety Of Historical Topics Organized Into Folders
Folder 1: West Holmes Avenue Residents
Folder 2: Huntsville Downtown Buildings
Folder 3: Maple Hill Cemetery Information and Pictures
Folder 4: Baker Building Block Fire, October, 1899
Folder 5: Civil War Make Shifts
Folder 6: Non Southerners Madison Cemetery; Madison County, AL Censuses, 1850-1889
Folder 7: Baker Building , Washington at Clinton St.
Folder 8: Catholic Church, Huntsville History
Folder 9: Railroads and Huntsville Depot
Folder 10: Architects; Huntsville Downtown Architecture
Folder 11: 1880s Conveyances
Folder 12: Clothing Styles, Costumes, Customs
Folder 13: Miscellaneous Cemetery Data
Folder 14: Cotton Mills and Villages
Folder 15: Early Huntsville Settlers, Occupations and Conditions
Folder 16: Pinhook Creek, Possible Name Origin
Folder 17: State Sesquicentennial, 1969
Folder 18: Sales of Sesquicentennial Souvenirs, 1969
Folder 19: Traina, River Ports
Folder 20: Brahan Spring Notes
Folder 21: Civil War Centennial, 1962
Folder 22: Huntsville, Madison County Personalities
Folder 23: Sesquicentennial Alabama Historical Association Meeting, 1969
Folder 24: Sesquicentennial Souvenir Sales
Folder 25: Christmas In Old Alabama
Folder 26: Sesquicentennial Newspaper Clippings
Folder 27: Living History in Alabama, 1969
Folder 28: 1967 Dedication Of New Courthouse
Folder 29: 1969 Alabama Day
Folder 30: Cemeteries, History, Graves
Folder 31: Old Newspaper Ad Copies
Folder 32: Alabama Constitution Delegate Signatures
Folder 33: Early Silversmiths, Huntsville
Folder 34: Bill Easterling Articles, Huntsville Times
Folder 35: West Side, South Side Square, Lot 20
Folder 36: North Side, East Side Square, Lots 7-8
Folder 37: West Side, East Side, North of Clinton Street, Lots 6-10
Folder 38: South Side Square, Eustis Street, Lots 21-22
Folder 39: East Side Square, Washington Street, Lots 17-18
Folder 40: North Side Square, Courthouse, Lot 16
Folder 41: West Side Square, South Jefferson Street, Lots 15-19
Folder 42: West Washington Street, East Jefferson Street, Lots 3-9
Folder 43: Huntsville Volunteer Fire Dept, Water Works
Folder 44: Burritt Mausoleum by JG Baker
Folder 45: 1940 General Survey Data County Trade Area
Folder 46: Baker Coal Mine, Monte Sano
Folder 47: Folder 47
Folder 48: Kildare Avenue
Folder 49: Monte Sano
Folder 50: Census Research Data
Folder 51: Alabama Baptist Historian, 1967-1970
Folder 52: Huntsville Madison County Schools
Folder 53: Madison County Courthouse
Folder 54: Baptist Churches
Folder 55: First Presbyterian Church
Folder 56: Other Early Churches
Folder 57: Flags, Seals
Folder 58: Brownsboro, Maysville, Ryland
Folder 59: Meridianville
Folder 60: Madison
Folder 61: Forks Of Flint River, Cotton Factories
Folder 62: New Market
Folder 63: John Hunt
Folder 64: Madison County Currency, 1969, Copies
Folder 65: Madison County Population Figures
Folder 66: North Alabama Racial Data, African-American
Folder 67: Miscellanious Reference Notes, Land, More
Folder 68: End Of St. Marys Avenue School
Folder 69: Twickenham District Buildings
Folder 70: Downtown Buildings
Folder 71: Old Homes in Madison County
Folder 72: Big Spring
Folder 73: Twickenham Historical District Preservation
Folder 74: Maps
Folder 75: Maps of Alabama
Folder 76: Maps of Huntsville
Folder 77: M & C Railroad Southern Depot
Folder 78: 1819 Food and Customs
Folder 79: Post Offices Of Madison County
Folder 80: Early Roads
Folder 81: Talks on History
Folder 82: Indian Creek Map
Folder 83: Williams Street Homes, Huntsville
Folder 84: Alabama Native American History

Box 4: Research Notes On Family Histories and Other Topics Organized Into Folders
Folder 1: Indian Creek Canal, Miscellaneous Correspondence
Folder 2: Indian Creek Canal Papers, Notes and Pictures
Folder 3: Hardie Family
Folder 4: Halsey, Wml, Artist
Folder 5: Jones, Harvie
Folder 6: Pollard, Other Surnames
Folder 7: Swift, Pollard
Folder 8: Heap, John
Folder 9: Moore, Bolton
Folder 10: Conrad, Beeman
Folder 11: Drake Family
Folder 12: Helm Family
Folder 13: Peelle Family
Folder 14: Bogue, Peele, Lacey
Folder 15: Huff Family
Folder 16: Virginia Clay Clopton
Folder 17: William Hobbs
Folder 18: Hoover Family
Folder 19: Huntsville History Correspondence, KP Jones
Folder 20: Phillips, Cole, Hobbs
Folder 21: Beason, Gurley Area
Folder 22: Richard Elliott Family
Folder 23: Richard Elliott's Diary
Folder 24: Elliott Family, Huntsville Female College
Folder 25: Baker, Elliot, Cain, Payne
Folder 26: Baker, Huntsville Home
Folder 27: Archie Baker Family
Folder 28: Lucius Baker Family
Folder 29: Albert Baker Family
Folder 30: Bakers in Huntsville
Folder 31: Baker Genealogy Book
Folder 32: Babcock Family Maple Cem
Folder 33: Cain Family
Folder 34: Cains in Tuscaloosa
Folder 35: Cains in Virginia
Folder 36: Slade Babcock Genealogy
Folder 37: Jones Family, Madison County
Folder 38: Weakley Family
Folder 39: Stephen McBroom
Folder 40: Rossell, Rozell
Folder 41: Lowe House Research
Folder 42: Fletcher Lowe Article
Folder 43: Davy Crockett
Folder 44: Subject Card File Copies
Folder 45: Historical Data References
Folder 46: Indian Creek Canal
Folder 47: Index Cards, Various Topics

Box 5: Historical Notes On Research Summary Index Cards; CD With Photos
Part 1: Huntsville Original Town Lot Numbers, Transportation
Part 1a: Research Summary Note Cards, Huntsville Original Town Lots
Part 1b: Miscellaneous Lot Numbers, Transportation
Part 2: Research Summary Index Cards, People in Early Occupations
Part 2a: Miscellaneous Lot Numbers, Transportation
Part 2b: Agriculture
Part 2c: Attorneys
Part 2d: Auctioneers
Part 2e: Horse-related Businesses
Part 2f: Bakers, Confectioners
Part 2g: Banks
Part 2h: Barbers
Part 2i: Carpenters, Contractors, etc.
Part 2j: Customs, Costumes
Part 2k: Candlemakers
Part 2l: Gunsmiths, Tinners
Part 2m: Lodges
Part 2n: Manufactories, Machinery
Part 2o: Military
Part 2p: Music, Art
Part q: Newspapers, Printers
Part 2r: River Transportation, Railroad, Coaches
Part 2s: Sports, Horseracing
Part 2t: Shoemakers
Part 2u: Theatre, 1911 Fire
Part 2v: Tailors, Dress Makers, Milliners
Part 2w: Tanneries, Tanyards
Part 2x: Silversmiths, Jewelers, Watchmakers
Part 2y: Miscellaneous Data
Part 3: Research Summary Building Cards, Roads and Businesses By Location
Part 3a: Huntsville Area Streets and Roads
Part 3b: Madison County Towns and Roads
Part 3c: Other Areas
Part 4: Research Summary Note Cards, Early Merchants
Section 1: Extras
Section 2: Program Material
Section 3: A-M Surnames
Section 4: N-Z Surnames
Part 5: Research Summary Note Cards, Potpourri, Newspaper Ads
Section 1: Section 1
Section a: Section A
Section b: Section B
Section c: Section C
Section d: Section D
Part 6: Research Summary Index Cards, Historical Tidbits by Categories
Part 6a: Streets
Part 6b: Original Huntsville Lots
Section 1: Lots 43-49
Section 2: Lots 50-59
Section 3: Lots 60-69
Section 4: Lots 70-83
Part 6c: Early Cemeteries, City Limits, Census & Voting Records, Canals, Gins
Part 6d: Churches, Mills, Distillaries
Part 6e: Doctors
Part 6f: Inns, Taverns
Part 6g: Early Legislatures
Part 6h: President Monroe's Unexpected Visit to Huntsville
Part 6i: Library, City Records
Part 6j: Water System, Pumps
Part 6k: Public Buildings
Part 6l: Schools
Part 6m: Historical Markers
Part 7: Research Summary Index Cards, Surnames from Historical Newspaper Notices
Part 7a: A Surnames
Part 7b: B Surnames
Part 7c: C Surnames
Part 7d: D Surnames
Part 7e: E Surnames
Part 7f: F Surnames
Part 7g: G Surnames
Part 7h: H Surnames
Part 7i: I Surnames
Part 7j: J Surnames
Part 7k: K Surnames
Part 7l: L Surnames
Part 7m: M Surnames
Part 7n: N Surnames
Part 7o: O Surnames
Part 7p: P Surnames
Part q: Q Surnames
Part 7r: R Surnames
Part 7s: S Surnames
Part 7t: T Surnames
Part 7u: U Surnames
Part 7v: V Surnames
Part 7w: W Surnames
Part 7x: XYZ Surnames
Part 8: Photo Files

Box 6: Historical notes on index cards with topical headings