The Southpaw Postcard Collection - Hotels & Motels

These postcards about the HOTELS & MOTELS of Huntsville and Madison County are from the extensive collection of George & Peg Heeschen.

The Southpaw Postcard Collection - Hotels & Motels

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Front: Bon-Air Motel, U. S. 231, Huntsville, Alabama
Back: BON-AIR MOTEL, Electric Heat - Air-Conditioned - Tile Showers - Beauty Rest Mattresses - Excellent Air Conditioned Restaurant near by. MR. & MRS. R. E. HICKS, Owners and Managers. U.S. Highway 231 inside City Limits. North Huntsville, Alabama. Phone 2706.
Source: Willens & Co., Chicago 12, Ill.
Rights: From the postcard collection of George and Peg Heeschen, The Southpaw, Huntsville, Alabama