Albert Lane

Artist Albert Lane is best known for his pen and ink studies of Huntsville's historic landmarks.

Albert Lane


This early 20th century home, built by Mrs. Charles Gilbert, was for years the location of "Miss Alice's" first grade classroom, where lucky little folks learned reading, writing and 'rithmetic and tasted from her mother's marvelous kitchen. Pictured by Albert Lane in 1977. Mr. Lane had lived there for a time and obviously loved the house.For many years, in the season when my mother made chow-chow, all the little first graders lined up and went into the kitchen to receive the first sampling which was served on half a cracker. The recipe for the Chow-Chow can be found in the cookbook.

Alice Freeman

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Source: Albert Lane
Date: 1977
Rights: Reproduced from "Twickenham Receipts and Sketches" published by the Twickenham Historic Preservation District Association, Inc., 1978, with the permission of THPDA and Mildred Lane.