Maggie Little

Maggie Little

Fickling-Dorning Home, White Street

Frank Fickling began building this made-to-order house in 1888. They did not appear in great number until 1900. So when Frank sent away for his, it was quite novel. Building supplies were shipped from the factory for assembly near the site. Often, the name of the manufacturer will appear on boards in the attic or the basement.

Although it lacks the overdecorated, elaborate facade, it is very much a Victorian house. Its classical columns and portecochere, the roof-like extension over the driveway at the side of the house, are elemental to that period. Though geometric, its asymmetric proportions are intriguing and invite the eye to wander.

The house had fallen into a sad state when Mr. and Mrs. Claude Doming acquired it in 1981. After cleaning and polishing, restoring and refinishing, and reappointing the spacious rooms, it has come into its own once more. Sketch is by Maggie Little, local artist.

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Source: Maggie Little
Date: Unknown
Rights: Reproduced from "Twickenham Tables" published by the Twickenham Historic Preservation District Association, Inc., 1988, with the permission of THPDA and the artist.