Frances S. Cabaniss

 Circuit Court Clerk of Madison County

Born:1868, Huntsville,Alabama
Died:1927, Huntsville,Alabama
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, AL
Residence:603 Randolph Avenue SE - This was her home from her birth until her death.
Daughter of:Septimus Douglass Cabaniss


•  James Budd (1861-1903), Fannie's brother, held the position of circuit court clerk for Madison county. When he died, Fannie filled the role and she served in that capacity for 42 years. "Fannie used the initials F.S. Cabaniss, as it was unusual for a woman to hold the position of circuit court clerk at that time." - Archivist'sTool

•  Septimus Cabaniss's papers housed at University of Alabama including correspondences of Fannie Cabaniss. These are digitized and available online. (The digitized material can be found at the end of this page under "Cabaniss Family Materials") - University of Alabama

•  Francis Roberts was the great granddaughter of Septimus D. Sr., she was the granddaughter of Lucy Cabaniss (sister to Fannie) and the daughter of Lucy's son Richard Roberts. Francis Roberts visited her Aunt Fannie Cabaniss in Huntsville often and when her aunt died in 1937, Roberts moved to Huntsville to the Cabaniss family home on Randolph Street. - Twickenham House Notes

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•  Twickenham House Notes - Margaret Bell Chase gave Nancy Rohr these notes. They are not dated but the content suggests they were written before the year 2000.

•  University of Alabama - Acumen Library, University of Alabama houses her father's papers

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