Henry B. Chase

Photo from the Huntsville Historical Review
 President of Chase Nurseries and Civic Leader

Born:June 13, 1870, Livermore, Maine
Died:August 21, 1961, Huntsville, AL
Resided at:517 Adams Street SE
Husband of:Annie Stewart Chase


•  "Several pioneering figures were at the forefront of the Alabama nursery industry. For example, Henry B. Chase, moved to Alabama from Livermore, Maine, in the late nineteenth century. He established the Alabama Nursery, located in Huntsville, in and later re-established it as the Chase Nursery Company in Chase, Madison County, to the northeast of Huntsville. He initially operated his nursery as a mail-order business before entering the wholesale nursery business." - Encyclopedia of Alabama

•  "Henry B. Chase, president of Chase Nursery and a former mayor of Huntsville, assisted the garden clubs in a massive planting effort to make Huntsville the 'City of Dogwoods.' One of the most gorgeous sights in town is Maple Hill Cemetery in the spring with the hundreds of dogwoods in bloom." - About.com

•  Mayor of Huntsville, 1918-1920 and Head of Huntsville City Council - Nilsson

•  President of Chase Nurseries, his brother Herbert, Charles, and Robert were also involved. New England Cousins provided the capital. - Nilsson

•  Son of George Frankllin Chase and Ann Maria Strickland - Ancestry.com

•  Married Annie Stewart on August 26, 1896 in Catawba, North Carolina. - Ancestry.com

•  His middle name was Bellows. - Ancestry.com

•  First president of Huntsville Historical Society. - Huntsville Historical Review

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