Susan Wells White Fickling

 Huntsville Matron

Nickname:Sue & Susie
Born:1861, Huntsville, Alabama
Died:December 5, 1928, Huntsville, Alabama
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Alabama
Residence:400 White Street SE
Childhood Home:612 Eustis Avenue SE
Granddaughter of:Adeline Bibb Bradley
Wife of:Francis Fickling
Granddaughter of:James Bradley
Mother of:Jefferson Dement Fickling
Daughter of:Susan W. White
Great Granddaughter of:Thomas Bibb
Daughter of:Thomas W. White


•  Speaking of Mrs. Fickling's mother (Shares the name Susan Wells): "Susan Wells Bradley, eldest daughter of Adeline Bibb and James Bradley, became the wife of Thomas Wilson White and the mother of 12 children." - Rohr

•  Daughter of Thomas W. White and Susan Bradley.
Susan Wells White Fickling has an interesting matrilateral line.
     Through her mother, she was the Granddaughter of James Bradley and Adaline Bibb.
     Through her grandmother, she was the Gr-granddaughter of Thomas Bibb and Pamelia Thompson. Thomas was the second governor of Alabama.
     Through her Gr-grandmother, she was the Gr-gr-granddaughter of William Bibb and Sally S. Wyatt. William Bibb (1735-96) was a member of the Committee of Safety of Prince Edward County, VA, 1775 and the Assembly, 1776. He was born in Hanover, VA; died in Petersburg, GA. - DAR

•  There is a mention of a portrait of Mrs. Frackling when she was a young child on the lap of her mother. The portrait was by Grimes and painted in the 1820's. Grimes painted portraits of the area's "Early Settler" "Whose beauty, grace and gallantry were handed down to us thru the 'art preservative' and from a fold frame on canvas." - Rohr

•  Nan, Mrs. Flickling's daughter, looked like her grandmother (Mrs. Flickling's mother) according to Miss Clay. - Rohr

•  Married Francis (Frank) Fickling December 16, 1880. (Dates given here are for the marriage license, not necessarily for the wedding.) - MCRC

•  Mother of: Thomas (born Oct. 1880 in Alabama and died 1928), Ann "Nan" (born April 1884 in Alabama and died 1928), Jefferson "Jeff" (born July 1886 in Alabama and died 1946 ), Susie (born Nov. 1888 in Alabama) , Marthilda or Mary "Tilly" (born May 1890 in Alabama - died 1947 married Joseph Frederick Faber (1888-1972)) - 1900 Census

•  All their children were born in Alabama, the last child was born in 1888. Both Susie and Frank died in Huntsville. But, they may have lived other places in the years between. It looks like the family is registered for the census of 1900 in Roanoke, Virginia and a City Directory for Columbia, South Carolina appears to have them listed there in 1915. His career with railroads possiblity involved moves. Their connection to Huntsville seems to have continued through-out those years. - 1900 Census

•  The article is about houses on White Street and an 1893 reference was quoted indicating that Mr. Frank Fickling lived at 400 White Street. So, if they left town for awhile, it was after 1893 or they may have kept the house on White Street, to maintain Huntsville connections, as he worked other places. - Munson

•  We live in the house at 400 White Street and were told that Thomas White built the house for his daughter, Susan Wells White Fickling (Frank's wife), while they were on a honeymoon in Europe. We have found no independent confirmation for this story. - Editor's Note

•  Haagen presents photos (interior and exterior) of the house Mrs., Fickling childhood home. The caption also implies an ownership progression to her son, Mr. Jeff Dement Fickling. - Haagen

•  This obituary comes from a poorly conserved copy and we might have incorrectly guessed as we transcribed it. "Mrs. Fickling Died Last Night: Prominent Huntsville Lady was Victim of Long Illness. Mrs. Susie Fickling age 67, well-known Huntsville matron and sister of Addison White, died at her home on White street last night at ? o'clock. She was a lifelong member of the Episcopal church and leaves a wide circle of friends who will mourn her death. Besides her brother, she is survived by one son, J. D. Fickling, of New York City, and two daughters, Mrs. Mack Thomas of Bristol Tenn and Mrs. Jack Faber of A????ville, ?. Funeral services will be conducted from the residence tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock, the Rev. Cary Gamble, officiating, interment following in Maple Hill cemetery with the Laughllin-Wood Company in charge. The following friends of the family will serve as pall bearers: Henry Certain, Harry Landman, Lawson White, Jr., Addison White, Shelby White, J. D. Adkinson, Dr. E. V. Caldwell, A. W. White, W. L. Lyle and George P. Cooper." - Obituary

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