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    Marker Challenge

Welcome to the Marker Challenge

Learn local history on the go by visiting the Historical Markers of Madison County! Compete with your friends and earn awards as you explore seven different marker trails.


The Huntsville Madison County Historical Society and the Huntsville History Collection do not guarantee the accuracy of the content or the safety of participants in this self-guided tour.

Participants should use caution to avoid any hazards which may include, but not be limited to, traffic and uneven streets or walkways. If you take the tour in a vehicle, you should have a passenger control the App.

By using the Marker Challenge apps and materials, you hereby agree to release and hold harmless the Huntsville Madison County Historical Society, Huntsville History Collection and the developers of these materials from any liability arising out of their use.

  • Madison County
    Marker Challenge

About the Marker Challenge

You can earn Marker Challenge Local History Scholar Certificates by visiting at least 80% of the markers on a trail and recording the three letter codes that are attached to each of the marker posts. You can also earn a medallion by completing all seven trails or at least 80% of all markers.

Trail Maps and computer apps are available on this website to help you find the markers and record the codes. If you have a mobile phone or tablet with a cellular connection, the Historical Markers App will provide Google Map directions and additional information about the site you are visiting. It has links to the Tracker App so that you can record the visit while you are at the site.

If you do not have a mobile phone or tablet, you can download a map and worksheet to find the markers and capture your codes, but you will need to use a computer that is connected to the internet to submit the codes and read more about the marker sites.

Please note that only the traditional metal markers with posts will have marker codes. No codes will be found on stone or metal plaque markers. Although these sites are considered FREE and are not required to complete the Challenge, we encourage you to visit them to learn more about local history.

In either case, you will need to register to participate in the Marker Challenge. Registration requires access to a computer where you will be asked to provide an account name, a password, an email address and your full name to be used on your certificates.

  • Madison County
    Marker Challenge

Using the Marker & Tracker Apps

Register for the Marker Challenge, if you have not already done so, then log into the Tracker App.

Select Go to the Marker App on the Tracker App home page. This will direct you to the Sites page which will display a map and a list of sites. The default is trail 1 (Downtown Huntsville and Twickenham). If desired, tap Select a Trail to change to a different trail.

Click the Header or Find in the footer to proceed to the directions page for the first site. Go to that site.

When you have arrived at the site, click the Header to display the Marker page.

Read the information on the marker and the Marker page. If you click a Play button the page will read the information to you. Be sure to look at the pictures and read the captions.

When you are done, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Stamp Your Marker Passport button to record your visit in Tracker.

Find the three letter code on the marker post and enter it in the form, then press Submit. Alternatively, you can click the Measure Distance button to see how far you are from the marker. Since it takes time to get an accurate GPS measurement, you may have to take more than one measurement. When you are within 100 feet of the marker, click the Proximity Stamp button to record your visit.

When you are done recording your visit to the marker, use the link on the form to return to the Marker App.

Click the Header in the Marker App to proceed to the next site.

  • Madison County
    Marker Challenge

Using Paper Maps

Use the Select a Trail button on this page to select a Trail, then download and print the map and associated marker site list.

Use the map to find each of the markers in the trail.

After reading the marker and observing the location, find the three letter code on the marker post and record it on the marker site list. Proceed to the next marker and repeat the process.

When you have captured the codes for a trail and have access to a computer, register for the Marker Challenge if you have not already done so. Log into the Tracker App and click on the Trail button in the Footer.

Select the appropriate trail in the first control, then copy the codes from your marker site list into the form on the Trail page. Click the Save Changes button to save the information.

Click the Receive my award button below to learn how to claim your award.

  • Madison County
    Marker Challenge

Receive My Award

You can see your progress by going to the Awards page in the Tracker App where you will find your status for each of the Trails.

Small images of the certificates you have earned will be displayed below the status report. If you click on one of these images, a larger version of the certificate, suitable for printing, will be downloaded.

If you have earned a reward, but have not received it, you should see the Request Award button. Click that button to request a certificate. Certificates are processed on a periodic basis, so it may take a few days for the new certificate to appear.

When you have completed all of the trails, take a copy of your All Markers Certificate to the Alabama Constitution Hall Historic Park Shop and request a Medallion that marks the Alabama Bicentennial and the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. (While supplies last)

  • Madison County
    Marker Challenge

Select a Trail

Use the control below to select a trail. You can also select a trail on the Sites Page in the Marker App, or on the Marker or Trail pages in the Tracker App.

Trail 1 - Downtown Huntsville & Twickenham is the default trail and a good place to start the Marker Challenge.

If you are using a mobile device you can go directly to the Marker App

If you don't have a mobile device or if you want a paper copy as a backup, use the Download Button to download a trail map and worksheet that can be printed.

Go to the Marker App Download a Trail Map

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